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Bits + Bobs, from Okoboji to NYC and all that is in-between

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Hello friends. I promised to show you a few more photos from NYC. I have to be honest, I didn't get out of my booth too much, every time I did someone came into the booth to chat so I really only took photos of the booths right near me. And I am still adjusting to way it all works at NSS. I thought most folks would be friendly, and I think they are, there is just so much "competition" that I think everyone treats each other with a little skepticism, as well as, not sure if you are an intense shop owner/artist/designer or just a nice person to chat up. I was kind of amazed sometimes that more people didn't just stop in to talk. One funny occurrence that happened to Andy as he was walking around visiting various booths (yeah, I know, I should have sent the camera with him!) a person in a booth stopped to talk and he had mentioned that I had a booth of letterpress cards and person snarkly asked if "it was my dream to have letterpress cards." Andy was so taken aback that he didn't even have an answer. Too bad I hadn't been there because I would have answered, "No, I already have my dream– a great husband, lovely daughters, fun friends and family, a career I enjoy and a great little life in Iowa– letterpress is just part of it!" I guess I can understand people being nervous and worked up a bit, it is a looonnngg week of set up, talking, selling and more talking. Well anyway as with most shows, the majority of folks we met were so fantastic and creative and I'm sure there were tons more that we would have loved to talked with… Some of the booths right near me were: Monica Garrett (and the help of her new hubby Jason) of Paper Cut Industries Long Beach, CA Rosemary Rae Designs from San Diego, CA (and the help of Conrad Firestein) they were just funny, kind and overall so fun. Allison and Jessica (some being midwest transplants to L.A.) from The Social Type Finally we were also near Liz Glasgow of The White Cabinet   you have to read such a cool story about how the cards and prints came about: or here: I was lucky to be placed by such kind, talented and fun artists/designers, hope you like checking out their work! Sorry for the horrible camera phone images! This weekend we are headed to the family cottage in Okoboji for much needed R&R…first time this season! What are you up to this weekend?      

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