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Oh How I Love Thee, let me count the ways…

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FOURTEENYEARS Hello Friends, Today, fourteen years ago in Des Moines, Iowa on January 2nd, 1999, I married my wonderful husband Andy. As with most love stories, I was young and in love with this boy (since 7th grade!) and on that snowy, REALLY SNOWY DAY we were married with lots of friends and family– 375 folks braved the terrible roads to celebrate with us (and then we headed to the balmy Cayman Islands!) Recently Andy and I have been thinking we need to have big anniversary party again soon so we can have all of the wonderful friends and family who celebrated with us so long ago all in one place, and celebrate again… God's goodness. I can't say I have all the secrets but these seem to work: 1) keep a very good sense of humor about it all; 2) serve each other in love; 3) Seize the day and love every minute you have with them because you never know…this is probably the one thing we do best. Don't wait until your sixty for that big trip…I love you Andy with all my heart. Cheers and here's to many, MANY more! Photos: wedding photos, one with plaid vest: Barber Photography Studio (Des Moines, Iowa)

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