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Deep in the Heart of Texas!


Hello friends! Something you may or may not know about Andy and I is that when we were first married we had the option (in 1999 after undergrad) to either go to Austin, Texas or Chicago, Illinois. My mom grew up in Chicago and my Dad grew up on a farm in North Central Illinois so of course…we picked Austin, Texas (much to the dismay of our families). We ready for adventure and we fell in love with Austin when we had our "first real job interviews." We had a fantastic time exploring the town, finding wonderful friends, good careers and awesome Tex-Mex. In 2001 we headed back to Graduate school in Iowa City, Iowa, but we've always had a special spot in our heart for A-town. This card is the result of that. It will come with a red envelope. Oh yeah, and I hope you enjoy an early-in-our-marriage photograph of us in Austin it was taken at The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center (…Where have you loved living?

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