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Happy Mother's Day & a Little Lullaby…

Press Check

Hello friends! I've been working away on regular letterpress work and some new e-card designs. I'll show you some of them when it gets further down the line. Anyway I've been like you, busy trying to balance work & life. Some days it is better than others…but today I wanted to give an early Happy Mother's Day to all those mamas young and old. I noticed a few things being a mama: 1) As soon as I became a mama I became more tender-hearted and emotional. Not sure where it all comes from but, pass the kleenex already! See below lullaby… 2) I've gotten more understanding and A LOT less judgmental about kids and what their moms let them do. We've had quite a few moments that I am sure someone in Target has moaned and said, "Why can't she control her kid better/why is that kid dressed like THAT?" Well, now I'm "on the other side," I TOTALLY get it…hey, if she's quiet and being polite, then it might be okay to let her walk around eating a sucker, while wearing a mis-matched shoe combo with crazy ratty hair. 3) Contradictory I know, but I think I've gotten both impatient and more patient. Some things that used to drive me nuts I can stand longer and some things that the kiddos do makes me want to fly-off-the-handle even more quickly! I gotta work on this… Okay, enough already anyway as my babies are getting older this little Traditional Lullaby makes me tear-up EVERY. TIME.…read on… [caption id="attachment_1765" align="alignnone" width="540" caption="Traditional Lullaby"][/caption] Bless you this Mother's Day! [caption id="attachment_1782" align="alignnone" width="540" caption="My Babies"][/caption]

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