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Holiday Traditions

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Hello friends! Almost Merry Christmas to you! I wanted to spend a little time today talking about Holiday Traditions and find out what you do to celebrate. Here are a few things we do, but I'm always looking to add some new ones. The first holiday tradition started when andy and i were first married. When we moved into our first home in Austin, Texas, the previous owners left us a note and this little ornament and thus our first tradition was born. We decided from then on to add an ornament each year that "summed-up the year." So if we went on vacation somewhere or had an interesting experience we would try and find an ornament that captured that… Another ornament with a little history would be this little squirrel. When we went back to graduate school at The University of Iowa, we bought an old home on a busy street. Since the previous owner did not appear to like mowing the lawn, it was a little overgrown to say the least! These poor sweet squirrels thinking they were in a vast open field instead of tiny-in-town lawn would dive out from our crazy lawn into the busy street get hit and then flipped back onto our lawn. So the first few months we had to "retrain" the squirrels about our lawn via Andy mowing, so little by little we had a few less dead squirrels but that seemed to sum up the year that year. Sorry for getting a little long-winded, hopefully you have fun traditions too…tomorrow I'll tell you another one. In the meantime hopefully you are making things Merry and Bright around your house!

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