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Holy Craziness I have been M.I.A.!


[gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="5"] Hello dear friends! Geesh, has it been a crazy few weeks! Basically after I got back from Atlanta I have been exhausted and still running on high, eek, this pace HAS to got to STOP! The press has been running crazy with jobs up the yinyang- which is a good thing but doesn't leave a lot of time for blogging. Okay, so to hit the high points: Finished up the last East Village Bazaar only to get ready for Art on the Prairie (Perry, Iowa) November 12th and 13th! Come on by to see new stuff! For more info go here: and getting ready for Junior League of Des Moines Giftmart Nove. 17-19th for more info go here: I also have free tickets so if you would like some, just email me at: I went to La Crosse, Wisconsin to do a letterpress workshop and exhibition with students and faculty at Viterbo University the first few days in November… what an a cool bunch of folks! The best part about the workshop was getting to hang with two great friends. Joe, graphic design professor and old grad school friend at Viterbo U and my other super pal + grad school + letterpress extraordinaire friend Brad (assistant professor of graphic design at The University of Iowa). We caught up a little on life, talked press shop and brad and I check out an old, dusty, DUSTY press near La Crosse and I even got to have a good brew at The Bodega Brew Pub…getting to do it all was totally worth the trip! The students at Viterbo were cool, varied and great! But I really missed the Mister and the girls…Andy is a great Mr. Mom! Cranked out the "July" pages for The University of Iowa Center for the Book annual letterpress calendar (edition of 250, whew)…you like it? Oh and by the way, rolling along with holiday cards (reprinting alot of old favorites and newbies) and custom gifts (now if I could just find time to take photos!) we have new silkscreen gray and white "Iowa" t-shirts (the same graphic as on my Iowa cards) and little owl onesies (mustard and brown) done by the stellar Basemint silkscreeners Andrew and Kelly. Can't wait to get Gemma to model one for you! Pictures will be up soon on that! Yesterday I was delighted to give a talk at the CrossRoads Entertainment Industry Conference on "an Anatomy of a Design Decision" gave a talk on branding- traditional and within new social media…really fun to meet such a variety of people from Venue owners, musicians, and entertainment folks…cool, very cool. I've also bought a few (3 to be exact!) new presses so currently looking for new studio space. Old trusty Vandy (the vandercook) will stay at home for now and the new guys will move to the studio space. I'll post photos once we actually pickup the press– located in Southwest Iowa and Minneapolis! We gotta get 'em picked up before the snow starts to fall! Speaking of snow, can you believe it we had our first snowfall and it has been so cold lately that the snow is hanging around…hmmm does this mean we're gonna have a lot this winter?? So of course I am including a photo of Charlotte modeling her new boots. Hmm, probably let you know that the playlists have been cranked to keep energy up: new Coldplay album has been spectacular, new Ryan Adams, (still need the new Ivy) and of course old favorites like Wilco- getting ready since they come to town in a month! Hope you guys are hanging in there too! I'll have alot more photos up soon but hopefully this will work for now! let me know if you need anything, currently working away on custom holiday orders!   ciao!

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