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This past weekend Andy and I had a quick get-away to Omaha. Every year Andy has a holiday Christmas party for the company he works for in Omaha (Headquarters). They always secure The Durham Museum which is really an old Union Station that opened  in 1931. It has just gorgeous examples of Art Deco architecture. Since I'd consider myself a Modernist…it is spectacular to visit, especially since in DM we have a few Art Deco buildings, but the Durham is just magnificent— including a superhuge Christmas Tree. Last year they even had the fantastic show by Hatch Show Print so I was able to walk through the exhibition and enjoy a party AND letterpress posters. This year it was just good hang time with friends. We always get to catch up with a fun Omaha couple Becky and Jeremy and this year it was fun as usual.  I even got to wear my favorite winter coat. Since it is cream I don't get it out that much around the girls but when I'm out for a night on the town this is the perfect coat. We ended the night at Old Mattress Factory Bar and Grill, I kept thinking all the double-doors on the old place would work great for a letterpress studio. The other great part about the weekend was getting to sleep in and go to breakfast without the kids so we went to Wheatfields Eatery and Bakery "The Best Place For Breakfast in the Midwest." It didn't disappoint!  You like the gingerbread house and the cool Christmas Tree made from frosting! We rounded out the trip with a stop at the beloved Anthropologie for Christmas hunts…simply perfect…

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