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Hello friends! Sorry it has been awhile. We've had quite a bit of deadlines and birthday celebrations lately, how about you? This past weekend my daughter turned four! I look back and think about how much has changed and been accomplished in four years and it is exhausting…yep, parenthood in one word, EXHAUSTING. Before kids I always thought these parents were complaining about something so trivial (Take a nap already!) but now I totally get it. Seriously it has been a joyful and good four years. C has an energy level that sometimes seems to unable to be extinguished…but man I love that girl. We had a big Carnival party (games, popcorn, prizes and of course hot dogs!) and the attendees and weather couldn't have been better. We also seemed to have an impenetrable pinata, Andy had to take a few cuts after about 40 kids (age 2-7) took two turns each! We finally broke it and it was just a candy free-for-all! The kids all seemed to have fun. Alas, I don't have any photos since I was busy running the gig. It was a lot of work, but worth it! You can see from the above photo I've been surviving on quite a bit of Trader Joe's Coffee. C has been busy painting (no, that isn't blood on paper in the top part of the photo) and riding her new bike (in the livingroom due to rain!) We were also able to get C these fantastic personalized CD where they say your name in every song. My aunts and Grandma got one for G's birthday and so C not to be outdone requested some CDs with her name in them…highly recommend for any kid. You'll now know what we're listening to in the car if you see us singing around town while driving. I've been printing away new cards from the 2012 collection (in the photo not trimmed out yet) and I've had a few quick turn around jobs so good to have a few out the door and others just rolling in, a few more regular design jobs besides letterpress so always good creative work…I'll work on photographing new cards, I just have a few pressing things on the list before I can get to that. I know it is supposed to be spring break but I'm using the break from the classroom to the fullest, filling it with all the things I need to do before May arrives and Trade Shows + Farmer's Market Season kicks up. I'll be posting dates soon for the Des Moines Downtown Farmer's Market. Until then, this Girl Has Got True Grit!

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