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Sexy-Hardworkin'-Man Week Wrap-up


Hello friends! So I decided to end this week with what I call: "Sexy-Hardworkin'-Man Week Wrap-up." This week my husband Andy and a few friends took off for one super looooong bike ride (198.8 miles) in one day. They rode from Des Moines, Iowa to essentially the northern border of Iowa to Okoboji. They left at 5 am and finished at 8:15 pm. So proud of the guys for their hardworkin' efforts. Here is a few photos to enjoy! Nice work men! Photos courtesy of Brad McClure.

Well I also couldn't end this week without a shout-out to an old favorite: Texas singer (former rodeo boy) Ryan Bingham and the Dead Horses ( I've known about him for a little while but every time I got on itunes I would forget to download, so I did last night finally and got the Muscalito album…mighty good and I still want Roadhouse Sun! He also fits the Sexy-Hardworkin'-Man category (I mean check out these photos!)

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