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The Fiat 500 (aka Cinquecento)


I found this story yesterday on the Fiat 500 2012 on's Page Six (if you don't go to Page Six, I highly recommend it if you want to keep updated on all things pop culture):
"Four Seasons co-owner Julian Niccolini is using the restaurant's lobby as a parking spot for his new Fiat 500 (a k a the Cinquecento), the miniature hatchback that recently became available in the US. The white convertible is small enough to fit through the front doors of the power-lunch eatery and Niccolini drives it out the front door to toodle around town. The car was a gift from Fiat chairman John Elkann, and apparently it's a chick magnet. "It drives the ladies crazy," remarked the madcap Niccolini."

Read more:

Here a photo of the new ones:

and some of my Cinquecentos cards and photo of a favorite fiat in florence:

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