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Weekly round-up!


Howdy friends! Well it has been quiet on the blog because I've been a busy bee. Been working through a few custom pieces (more this weekend/coming week) to work on. I also had an open house on Wednesday night that I was getting ready for…just a fun night of showing new cards and prints as well as the new presses in Studio North, even did a quick "Let's Do This" poster to put out there for a little motivation. We had a great turn-out and a lot of fun. Charlotte melted down by the end from so much fun and excitement. I think that when friends purchase my cards and prints I get the most satisfaction and delight…affirming words from friends mean so much, so thanks for all the fun! But I totally forgot to take photos! I was too busy visiting and showing people around that I forgot to get my camera out! Geesh, I'll do better next time! At least you can see how the tables were set up. Last week I was busy getting things scored, folded and ready for the open house but I also went with a good friend to a cool antique spot to find things for my booth for the National Stationery Show. I bought a few cool things, I'm just showing you this tiny antique doll cabinet that is from the late 1800s, don't you love the original color? It works great for display items. I also got a cool table, wooden frame to put my sign in and a cool metal arrow to point people in to the booth. I'll photograph them for a feature on the blog next week. I also did a stealth run to Ikea with the Mother-in-Law to Minneapolis on Tuesday for a few more key pieces for the booth…whew, no wonder I'm worn out at the end of this week. Finally I am including a little baby show invite I worked on, isn't the new baby's name cool? Don't you love the hot pink that was on the press? Well, andy and I have a date tonight to the new cheese shop on 42nd and we're really looking forward to that. I've got a coffee date with an old/good friend on saturday morning and a girl's gathering on saturday night, plus superbowl on sunday! It is gonna be a good weekend! Intrigued to see if we actually get the snow predicted…Have a good one! [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="4"]

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