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Weekly Wrap-up


[gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="4"] Howdy friends, I don't know about you, but it was a fast week. Been working away on the Windmill and tweaking different things…all good I have to say! This week we also saw the birth of a friend's twin boys, Andy and I are hoping to pop up and take a peek at them and just celebrate with them on our date night tonight (thanks mom and dad!) If I can get enough time then I'm going to give them a digital version of a Traditional Mother's Lullaby (until I can get it letterpressed) I came across these words and as a momma myself I just tear up reading them thinking about my girls… Mother's Song a traditional Lullaby My heart is like a fountain true that flows and flows with love to you as chirps the lark unto the tree so chirps my pretty babe to me    There is not a rose wherever I seek as comely as my baby's cheek there's not a comb of honey bee so full of sweets as babe to me   There's not a star that shines on high is brighter than my baby's eye There's not a boat upon the sea can dance as baby does to me   No silk was ever spun so fine as is the hair of baby mine My baby smells more sweet to me than smells in spring the elder tree   A little fish swims in the well So in my heart does baby dwell A little flower blows on the tree My baby is the flower to me   Ten thousand parks where deer do run Ten thousand roses in the sun Ten thousand pearls beneath the sea my babe more precious is to me.   Isn't that just perfect?? I also worked on a bike print for the boys' room haven't printed it yet but will this coming week. Well I still have a few Valentine's left so if you need  quick one before Tuesday, let me know…Have a Great Weekend!

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