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Howdy! We recently went to colorado for some spring break, R&R, and  skiing…we had a great time and it was C's first time in ski school. The first day was a little rough, unfortunately I had talked it up and got her all excited (a.k.a. probably nervous) so the night before C hardly slept…so by the time (9 am) ski school started she said she wanted to take a nap, then I knew we were in trouble, she cried and screamed for me and A told me just to walk away and she'd be fine, they'd call if it got bad and she was with her cousin, how bad could it be? They didn't call but I was still worried. She made it through that first day with a little skiing and a lot of time in the "Green" room (also known by the staff as the "Sad and Sick Room") but when we picked her up she said, "I skied and made friends." So I guess it went okay. The next day we went back and she did fantastic (she must be like Andy and I…slow starters) rode the chair lift, making a wedge, stopping and did an overall great job, so proud of her! The alpine championships were going on so we got to see a few olympians doing what they do best on the Super G, way cool (note the photo of the babies, Caroline and Gemma watching enthusiastically out the window)! I retired from downhill skiing (crooked back and I was pretty hopeless anyway on the slopes) and have taken up cross-country skiing instead but alas since it was so warm there wasn't any cross-country skiing so A told me I needed to do something fun, so he encouraged me to schedule a massage at Devil's Thumb Ranch…I don't know if any of you have been there but it is fab…they have considered every element: great music, wonderful beer on tap, furnishings, the gift shop (I'm not even a gift shop person but oh my, I could have spent money in there!) It was the best massage I have EVER had and I really didn't want to leave, we ended my little spa day with lunch in the really cool Heck's Tavern at the lodge, they have an incredible fireplace (six sided Hexagon). It was so warm and sunny we actually had to eat inside since we would have been sweating…who could've imagined this in Colorado on April 1st! If you haven't been to Devil's Thumb Ranch, GET THEE THERE! Here are a few photos of our time…a great vacay and good road trip. Can't wait to go back.

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