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What I Wore Wednesday


  Some big, possibly exciting developments came about today…have I hooked you yet? Well I might have a better sense of things in about a month and half (no, I'm not expecting!) so stayed tuned! I've been so busy printing lately that the blog has not been updated as much but I know I will get back to keep things in tip top shape in about another week. So here is what I wore on Wednesday… since it is starting to cool off, I figured I better get in the last of the light weight clothing. Amazingly the cropped jeans and mocs haven't seen the light of day since about 2009 since I was preggo and could not bend over to attempt to tie the boots nor could I fit the pants…I love post preggo closet excitement, it is like finding old friends all over again! Top: Banana Republic Short Sleeve Sweater: Anthropologie (oldie but a goodie!) Moc boots: Jcrew (about two years ago!) Cropped jeans: Old Navy Bracelets: (both gifts) the blue lapis from my super-cool mother -in-law and the leather stone one from my man who always picks out things better than I would…

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