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What I Wore Wednesday, Except It Was Really Monday + Now I'm Showing You Friday!


Howdy! I've been working away at the new catalog, products, etc. so this week I really fell behind on the blogging…thanks for taking it easy on me, I promise you, you'll love the new prints and cards! Anyway, on Monday it was our thirteenth wedding anniversary, I gotta say it hasn't always been rosy- you know, kids can kinda get in the way with good hang-time with your mate. But for the most part it has been simply wonderful. Andy and I went to dinner, on I think, so far, one of the coldest nights of the New Year, I know, that isn't saying much only being January 6th! But we bundled up and headed to The Continental for cocktails and small plates to try and remember each anniversary and what we did to commemorate it in a fun journal Andy got at Ephemera in the East Village. Funny, we could remember all of them up to the time Charlotte was born in 2008…then we could hardly remember the last four years! Then, it was on to Fabulous Centro for great wine and food. Since it was Caucus Eve we were hoping to spot someone big (a.k.a. famous), (in 2008 we had dinner in a tiny spot next to Chelsea Clinton) but alas we did not.  But I did have a great night just being with the One I Love! So here is what I wore out to dinner: Sarah: Bird Tunic/Dress: Fossil, Boots: Frye, Bracelets + Earrings: gold from high school graduation and leather one from Domestica as well as the red earrings. Andy: looking dapper in his JCrew sportcoat! Enjoy and have a great weekend, we'll continue cleaning the new presses and I've got some valentine's I need to run!  

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