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When I Dream of Michelanglo…

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So it is going to be a little dreary today (overcast, rainy, maybe rain/snow mix), I'm waiting for a plate to arrive so I can print something special STAT! So while I wait I thought I'd show you another view of the studio with another little tidbit and a little professional daydreaming…(I'm really good at this!) During the summers of 2000 and 2001 Andy and I were able to spend extended time in Florence, Italy…we made many wonderful Italian and American friends and when I look back at that time, it is still life-changing in every way. Living in another country over an extended period of time teaches you a lot about yourself, cultures and adaptability. Our friend that was with us, Pete, reminded us about two travel mantras that we have used throughout our travels since then: 1) High Flexibility + Low Expectations = You Win Everytime; 2) If it isn't a good time, it is probably a good story…how true on both of these. We've been dumped out on the side of downed trains in the middle of nowhere italy, delayed by "italian time," etc. While living in Florence we had many favorite spots but one of them being a dining spot called: Trattoria 4 Leoni (the four lions)  a beautiful restaurant with a delightful piazza terrace. Our first experience was hilarious, we just walked up and they had a table (usually you need reservations) and they seated us, only after we were seated did we see photos of Jack Nicholson and Bill Clinton on the walls. I immediately asked Andy if he had checked prices (those two roam at a different pace and $$$ than we do!) and alas, he had not. We were really concerned we were going to spend a fortune. But we made it through I think the minimum of courses, 3 and did okay on the price. Since then we've been back quite a few times. There many lovely places to eat in florence that aren't completely tourist overrun. It is across the Arno River so considered Oltrarno where you can find beautiful sites such as the Pitti Palace, the Santo Spirito Church (a lot of Michelangelo history went down at that church, some known, some secret!), and of course the beautiful Masaccio Frescos found in the Brancacci Chapel that are well worth the walk to find… To quote my friends, The Counting Crows song, "When I Dream of Michelangelo…" I think about the Santo Spirito, Oltrarno, of course the Sistine Chapel in Rome, and our summers in Italy… Have a Great Weekend…  

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