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Woodtype Overload!


Howdy friends! Hope you had a fantastic weekend. Mine seemed to fly-by with lots of events, friends, fun and of course, letterpress! I thought I'd start today with a little Woodtype Overload/History lesson. About two weeks ago I showed up at the annual Midwest Printer's Fair and scored some fantastic woodtype. I still need to clean it up and and sort a few things but I thought I'd show you some of the faces I purchased. I was able to get a little woodtype san serif set (yes!) so now I can do more mini things in woodtype, a superfab Slab serif (slab serifs look like rectangles at the termination of the letter) which was much needed, a cool regular 'ole san serif that is just going to be a workhorse, and finally you can see the Roman ( the one that has the "3" and looks like "Bodoni-" Bodoni is a series of serif typefaces first designed by Giambattista Bodoni in 1798. The typeface is classified as Didone modern). Only a few of you know my handle on AIM as "BodoniBabe" so of course this was awesome for me to get…The other really interesting part about the Roman face is that it is stamped with an 1859 on it so this is one of the first and oldest cut woodtype faces, can  you imagine what was printed with it, Civil War news stories?! I was hesitant at first with parting with hard earned money but really glad the Mr. told me to spring for it! Finally, I thought I'd recap the weekend for you: On Friday I had a great time at ArtStop with a display at Dornink's, I was able to browse Sarah's gorgeous dresses and way cool accessories…and had great visits from friends, fans and family. Here is a detail of the booth. The East Village Bazaar went well, a little breezy but always fun to share the letterpress love, and meet new people (next to me the booth, Casa&Co they had awesome antiques I purchased two things I couldn't pass up!) I'll be showing more this week on a variety of topics: letterpress, fashion, and etc., so check back! [caption id="attachment_720" align="alignnone" width="612" caption="detail of booth at Dornink's"][/caption]

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