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Bloom Where You Art Planted!


Hello friends! Over the past three years I had been doing a lot of soul searching on if I should stay at my full-time assistant professor position or be at home more with my daughters. I went back and forth over three years. I had such trouble deciding because I really loved what I did…I liked teaching, seeing students grow and develop over the years. My student evaluations were good and I was getting positive feedback from my colleagues. But in the end— this past spring— with the birth of my second daughter Gemma I realized I just couldn't do it all: full-time professor, research/scholarship, University service, full-time letterpress printer/small business owner, momma, wife and friend and I didn't want to miss these fun/tiring years with the girls. So I resigned my assistant professor position to take on letterpress full-time which allows me a little more time with the girls but also new challenges. It is an exciting place to be as I continue to grow my letterpress business, so this print grew out of trying to find my own new place in the world…(by the way, this is in progress, hoping to print brown accent elements soon)! You'll see below, I think I made the right choice (some days though…)! Where are you blooming these days?

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