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I don't know about you, but I've had enough heat and humidity. I was sweating it out at the weekend cabin (no air, just good old fashioned fans!) and I'm already dreaming of fall. I don't want the cold just yet but a little break from the hotter than you know what would be nice…so I put together a little group of things I'd like to be wearing kind of wednesday…

Whimsy top: Anthropologie "Helping Hands Top;" 
Cool grey top + gold-ish skirtt: JCrew "the puff sleeve pop-over" and "Cavalry skirt"; 
Anthropologie "Pilcro and the Letterpress Straight Ankle Chinos in gold;" Pilcrow is the name for a paragraph marker this is what is listed on the description: "there is an adorable print of letterpress machines on the pocket lining." Of Course I have to have these! 
Steampunkfunk: Urban Geometric Chevron Etched upcycled Leather Bracelet/Cuff (etsy) 
Orangeis the Sun: COOPER double wrap bracelet (etsy). 

What do you want to be wearing?

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