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Hotter than the A-List!


Are you hotter than the A-list? This is…a card from my "Pop" line (I will feature text from hot pop songs)! Today I thought I would show you how I actually print a card. You'll see the steps below but usually this is how it goes:

1. I mix the ink
2. Align the polymer plate (this allows me to print things I design digitally- I have to get a plate made of the image but then I can print it).
3. Count out my paper, at this point I can pretty much tell that per inch I have about 40-50 cards…gettin' good eye-balling things!
4. Print the first part of the card then clean the press if there is an ink color change…
5. Realign the woodtype so it sits next to the image/type I just printed, sometimes this is fast and sometimes slow (this one was fast!)
6. Run them all through again for the woodtype.
7. Didn't show you a picture of them drying…just like watching paint dry!

I don't always mix woodtype and polymer sometimes they are all of woodtype and vice/versa…
I'm thinking about pairing this with a silver envelope, what do you think?

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