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Whew! What a hot one!


Andy, the girls and I all headed down to Kansas City over the weekend. We went to see some of my old college roomies (totally like old times + kids + new homes…okay so totally different than old times!) and we had a great time. We stayed at our friends' home Tim and Michala and their lovely kids Ava and Jack– they were incredible hosts. Brooke, Brian, Dillon and Maddie hosted Mandy who flew in from Madison. Friday and Saturday we grilled-out, swam, talked and talked and talked, it was so great to catch up (for once I didn't care that I didn't do any shopping in a fun town like KC!) As you can see below, Andy got to ride on Tim's little bike…love that helmet!

On sunday I had booth at the Strawberry Swing Indie Craft Fair… it was super-hot, you know, TEXAS HOT (from my old days living in Austin) it was 105˚ + head index made it close to 110˚. Luckily I was inside an old barn that actually had air-conditioning…boy was I lucky, there were alot of vendors there that were outside. It was fun seeing other friends who had recently moved to KC and meeting new people. All in all a fantastic weekend can't wait for another one. Do you have long-time friends you're dying to see? I'd love to hear about your friends and if you have reunions as well…

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