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House Rules!


Howdy friends. The other day I was designing away and decided to take a break and do a little typography fun (which usually means make something that I want to hang up…hoping that if I want to, others will want to too…) so I came up with some House Rules. A few friends noted that No Whining needed to be a little bigger (duly noted) but otherwise many friends were kind and encouraging in their positive feedback, so I figured I'd just print it. I have a few color combos: Red & Chocolate on Brown Paper, Red & Chocolate on Crane Lettra Paper, Black and Gray on Crane Lettra Paper, Black & Light Brown on Crane Lettra Paper, and finally Chocolate & Light Brown on Crane Lettra Paper. I'm working on getting them up on etsy, you can find them here: I will also make a version with "love fiercely" in case you aren't a Jesus Freak ;) as for our house we gotta alotta Jesus love! Hope you like it! [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="4"]  

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