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Windmill Move…


Okay, so now that things have finally settled down I thought I'd show you some photos of the first press move (well actually second press move) I did not document the awesomeness of the vandercook move six years ago…oops!) Back at the end of November Andy and I headed up to Minneapolis to purchase and move a Heidelberg Windmill press. This press will be faster and can handle larger jobs than the Vandercook, basically got the press so I can do a different variety of jobs than on the vandy. We went up the night before to minneapolis since they were call for bad weather (ice + snow) between the borders of Iowa and Minnesota. We were lucky enough to borrow a truck and flatbed from a client of Andy's to haul it down. Parking obviously became an issue if you see how long the trailer was…and we got a lesson in the mechanics of purchasing diesel fuel at truck stops! It was a pretty smooth move thanks to the expertise forklift driving of Tom Undis (never underestimate the importance of a good forklift driver). It was also fortunate to know Jim Bryan and he was able to move it off (via forklift) and put it in storage in Ankeny until we were ready to move it to the garage. Here are some photos, sorry for some of the blur…enjoy! [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="4"]

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